Our Onions

Sunset Produce offers a variety of onion types and sizes to fit your needs.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality begins in the field and every aspect of growing onions impacts the condition of the product. Each field is carefully managed and grown by the owners of Sunset Produce. We raise all the onions we pack and sell. By not bringing in outside onions we can control the entire process from early spring planting to finished packed product.

At Sunset we adhere to the strictest guidelines in the onion industry. Along side professional USDA inspectors, Sunset has its own staff of highly trained quality control inspectors who inspect each and every load that is shipped to our customers.

Using state-of-the-art computerized sizing equipment each onion is screened by an electronic eye and then sized by weight into each individual package. This process ensures you are getting the perfect product every time.

Our onions can be purchased in many different sizes. Sunset Produce also offers computerized specialty sizing within these groups, including count per package tailor made for your operation.


Onion Type Availability By Month
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Yellow Onions  
Sweet Onions  
Red Onions  
White Onions  


Sweet Onions

These are typically yellow in color but there are some varieties that are red. The yellow sweet is the most prevalent and is noted for its sweet and mild taste. They usually have a thinner much lighter colored outer layer and can be round in shape as well as flatter. The sweet onions are mostly used fresh and have a very wide range of uses. They continue to grow rapidly in popularity because of their taste and are becoming more readily available year around.

Red  Onions

These onions will range in color from a dark red to deep purple with a tinge of red inside. The red onion is widely used in fresh dishes in a variety of salads, sandwiches, and dips. This onion is best served fresh but can be lightly roasted as a wonderful addition to grilled or warmed sandwiches.

White Onions

White onions are the most popular for cooking but also widely used fresh. With their tangy but sweet flavor it is most popular in salsas not only for flavor but their bright white colored flesh. The color brightens up salsa dishes as well as dips. White onions also make excellent caramelized onions as they cook down to a rich golden color and maintain the sweet flavor.

Yellow Onions

The yellow onion is the most widely available and a most popular and versatile onion. They are sometimes referred to as “brown onions” because of the rich golden color outer skin that is most often several layers think. The yellow onion can be used fresh as well as in cooked and baked dishes. Kept in a cool, dry, well ventilated storage environment these onions can be kept for longer periods of time and maintain their golden color and freshness.